Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

This policy applies to all Optimar Consulting (“Company”) employees (“employees”) and operations. Optimar aims to create employment opportunities such that all the employees achieve their full potential.

Optimar is an equal opportunity employer and operates in accordance with the anti-discrimination law. Optimar prohibits harassment and discrimination of any kind, irrespective of any religion, sex, race, colour, national origin, disability status or gender identity or any other feature protected by the law. Optimar conforms to the spirit of the law as well as all the applicable rules and regulations.

Scope of policy:

The Equal employment opportunity policy governs the relationship between Optimar, its partners and employees, which include recruitment, employment, transfer, promotion, working conditions, wages & salaries and employee benefits.

The policy is also applicable in case of selection and recruitment of independent contractors and personal working on behalf of Optimar.

Policy implementation:

The HR department is responsible for the overall compliance of the policy. The Directors, middle-level managers and supervisors will be responsible for policy implementation in each department.

The policy implementation will be done by:

  • Posting the employee rights notice in areas accessible to employees.
  • Preventing retaliation against any employee or individual who files a case of discrimination, opposes something believed to be discrimination, reports any case of harassment or assist in any similar proceeding.
  • By advertising job openings with a statement clearing mentioning about Equal opportunity employer terms and conditions.
  • Informing a member of management or the HR manager within 48 hours of the incident.

Case of harassment:

Any form of harassment violates Optimar’s policy.  Sexual harassment is the request of sexual favours and other physical or verbal conduct in case:

  • When such conduct is implicitly or explicitly made a condition of a person’s employment
  • Any response or conduct of a person is considered as a basis for affecting the employment decision

Harassment can also take the form of discrimination on the basis of disability status, colour, race, sex, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Optimar encourages all employees to report any such incidents of harassment to the management or the HR department. Optimar will investigate all such complaints to ensure that the corrective action can be taken promptly and where appropriate can include termination of employment.