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Hire Certified Professionals For Offshore Accounting Services

Hire Certified Professionals for
Offshore Accounting services

– Save up to 70% and free up your capital

– Reduce the time undertaken for tedious accounting

– Maximize focus on business growth

– Improve vigilance and prevent fraud with detailed

   transaction  processing


Benefits of hiring Accountants with Optimar

Choose from experts on a monthly or part-time basis

Diverse Skills

Hire from junior to veteran accounting professionals to benefit from their rich experience and unique skills.

Quick Connect

Quickly communicate with your employees through phone, email, or Skype to get the latest work insights.

Data Safety

Your data is stored on servers with state-of-the-art security and strict data policy to protect against theft or data loss.

Your Virtual Office

You don’t offshore, you shift to a virtual office with a fully supervised team available to work.

Zero Overheads

We set up the entire infrastructure from HR, accounts, and admin to take care of every working aspect your team requires.

We follow the complete 8-Step accounting cycle

  • Identify transactions

    We identify the accounting transactions which need to be recorded on company books. Record keeping is essential to track sales and expenses which come in different varieties.

  • Creation of Journal entries

    This is the second step and the choice between accrual & cash accounting dictates how the transactions are recorded. Double-entry bookkeeping is used to record entries where each transaction is matched with the other for creating the balance sheet.

  • Posting entries

    Once a transaction is entered in the Journal, it is posted in the ledger to provide a breakdown of all the accounting activities which allows a viewpoint over the financial position by account.

  • Creation of Trial balance

    A trial balance is used to compute any unadjusted balances for each account which is carried forward to the worksheet for testing.

  • Worksheet adjustment

    A worksheet is created to ensure that debits and credits match. It is used to ensure that any discrepancies are identified and adjusting entries are made for the same.

  • Adjustments done

    The sixth step involves adjustments of journal entries wherever required.

  • Financial statements

    After the passing of adjusting entries, a financial statement is generated. It is nothing but an income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet.

  • Closure of books

    It is the final step of the accounting cycle and the closing statements provide an analysis report of the period it covers.

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