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Get actionable data with our reports which cover the following:

Mobile metrics
Customer behaviour
Traffic acquisition
Content efficiency
Mobile performance
Visitor acquisition efficiency
Site diagnostics
Referring sites
Content efficiency
Demographic & Geographic report

Optimar offers the entire gamut of Google Analytics Services

From the very basic to advanced analytics, our certified experts know how to use Google Analytics to increase your website traffic and thereby conversions.

Account set-up

We provide a one-time service to assist you in starting your Analytics efforts. We ensure that your core settings are in place to help you meet conversion goals.

Analytics account management

To ensure proper tracking we monitor the accounts regularly and check for any bug issues.

Website statistics

It is ideal in case of a new website where you want to check the landing page performance. In case your site has a low traffic volume, the basic site statistics are helpful.

Advanced analytics

We can help you provide answers to key questions about online performance, business reporting to provide the right report.

Managing offline activities

We sift through a tremendous amount of data to find relevant pieces of information and summarise actionable steps to solve your marketing problems.

eCommerce tracking

Different codes and objectives need to be set up to ensure that purchase, cart abandonment and sales is being tracked properly. We provide that the same is done for your business in the right way. 

Website optimisation

Constant testing is key to find out what works for your audience. We test and check to find out the perfect landing page or website which works for your business. 

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Why hire Optimar’s Google Analytics Experts?

Our team of experts ensure that you keep a thorough check on website’s visitors. The Google Analytics services can be used to track the user activity irrespective of the source. It covers websites such as Facebook/ LinkedIn / Google/ Yahoo. The Google Analytics specialists can also identify the pages or segments in a website which are found to be interesting and allow you to make content adjustments accordingly.

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