Press Release

Launch of business advisory & strategic consulting services

Gurugram, Haryana – February XX, 2021: Optimar Consulting, a leading consulting & virtual captives solutions provider today announced the launch of full scale business advisory & strategic consulting services catering to SMEs globally.

Optimar’s virtual captive solution is the modern-day hybrid outsourcing solution which allows businesses to establish a fine balance between cost vs control.

In November 2020, the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA), a statutory authority under the Government of India, notified the setting up of Global in-house centres (GIC) in the IFSCs. Taking note of the potential such centers bring into the business ecosystem the IFSCA approved the inclusion of GICs.

GICs serve as offshore centers for a company and are geared towards leveraging talent and technological solutions to improve operational processes. However, over the years, they have evolved from providing back-end services to centers of growth & innovation. Companies while establishing or partnering with a vendor evaluate the country’s talent pool, regulatory environment, infrastructure, and the tax incentives available for them. According to NASSCOM, India remains one of the most attractive countries to set up a GIC, owing to its huge talent pool, infrastructure, and regulatory policies.

Optimar has long been serving businesses to establish their footprints in new markets and providing expertise advisory services to re-orient their operating strategy.

“We aim to help our clients maneuvers uncertainty with a unique bouquet of exceptional consulting service and data-backed insights to guide critical business decisions,” said the CEO, of Optimar.

The IBEF projects the revenue from GICs to be around $350 billion by 2025 in case of India alone. This shows us their future potential and Optimar has the unique ability to help businesses tap this unique business model.

The uncertainty in the operating environment has accelerated the need around the world to search for an optimal business model. The global in-house service by Optimar provides a seamless path for an enterprise to successfully expand business and drive ahead on the path of growth.

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