Leveraging Global Talent: Why Offshore Hiring is the Key to Building a Competitive & Skilled Workforce

July 20, 2023

India is already the hub for technology outsourcing. Indian IT talent has evolved from being only a back-end processing center to establishing highly skilled R&D center thanks to skills and scale acquired over the past two decades. As firms throughout the world adopt remote working, non-IT skills like accounting, finance, US taxation, HR operations, and data analytics are equally in demand from an offshore hiring perspective.

There is a genuine talent shortage around the world, and no nation, industry, or organization is immune from its effects. The global construction industry is up against a formidable task when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. While large MNCs in the building and infrastructure sectors have been doing well by utilising the skilled work force in India, general and specialty subcontractors can also gain from hiring skilled people in India.

DPR Construction, a USA based technical builder has a team of 400+ construction engineering and technology experts in Pune, India. The operation started in the year 2013 & it provides services to its parent company in the US in the areas of virtual design and construction (VDC), project controls management, accounting and software development.

Houston, Texas based Hanover Company, is a real estate firm specializing in the development and management of multi-family residential properties across United States. They have set up a global support & operation center in Ahmedabad, Pune. Hanover’s staff in the United States is supported by their operations center in India, which plays a crucial role in increasing the efficiency & effectiveness of Hanover’s platforms for development, building, and property management.

Over the years Global Capability Centers (GCCs) have transformed from just being a low-cost back end processing center to a technological innovation centre built on talent. As a company establishing a GCC takes time and manpower to evaluate the talent pool, available infrastructure, & the regulatory environment. Optimar has extensive experience of working with American general & sub-contractors to help them set up their offshore remote teams in India.

Offshoring, while mostly used to optimize costs, can enable sustainable growth, enhance capacity, flexibility, and—most importantly—help organizations in filling critical talent gaps. Optimar can assist you in building and scaling your global team in India.

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