Why are Global In-house Centers Attracting the Best Talent in the Industry?

January 15, 2021


GIC (Global In-house Centers), also known as contact centers or captives are the offshore units that emerged during the 1990s as one of the best ways for organizations to cut down the costs.

Digitalization gave businesses an opportunity to increase their presence in the global market. Various MNCs are restructuring their business model to expand and integrate the GIC model.

There are more than 1700 GCC in India, employing more than 1.2 Million individuals and generating a revenue of approximately $23 billion. The ability of GCCto tap India’s best talent has led to massive growth.

Here’s why GCC are attracting the best talent in the industry:

  • Employer branding – GCCs conduct various activities like social media promotions, campaigns, etc. to build a strong employer’s brand. This eventually helps in attracting the best talents.
  • Better work environment – By driving various global initiatives and enabling digital transformations, GCCs have improved the work culture. They provide the employees new age technology and products to work on. This keeps them motivated and super productive.
  • Upskilling – Most of the GCCs engage in upskilling and reskilling the employees. Also, they work on enhancing the profile of the employee. This is the biggest talent attractor.
  • Specialization – Unlike other service providers, in GCC the employee works in a particular domain and becomes specialized in that over a period. This way the person can gain more knowledge and become a domain specialist.
  • Learning experience – The GCCs develop a future-proof strategy for employees and provide better opportunities to learn and work with the peers. They make sure that the learning is useful so that there is a positive impact on the business.

By attracting and hiring the best talents in the industry, the GCCs are rapidly growing and reaping big rewards. Optimization of GCC strategies can help businesses in long-term success.

GCCs are also now turning into Virtual Capability Centers with a more innovative & sustainable approach.

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